My Movie Blog is Down For a While

I was quite surprised on Saturday afternoon to receive an email from the hosting company where my movie blog, Movie Riot, resides that my hosting has been suspended. To add to my dismay, they gave no reason. I have appealed to them with no response. Obviously they have no intention of giving me any reason for the suspension or reversing their decision which leaves me with no other choice than to move the blog to a different service.

Considering all the feedback I have gotten over my blog being down, which means none, it apparently comes just as much of surprise to some that I have a movie blog. :p

It will take a few days to get the blog back up and running in full. I have backups of the database and posts, but I don’t have the images file structure for the posts and will have to rebuild that. This also means that use of the old subdomain will be lost, so those who are still posting the old subdomain links to reviews rather than the newer domain links will be posting dead links, so please don’t do that.

Thank You



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