What’s In The Works

I know some people who like to think writing is not work, but sit any of them down and tell them to write 5000 words on anything at all and it must be spelled correctly and follow the rules of grammar (meaning to actually paragraph it rather than write everything into one long paragraph), and they’ll be in tears within the hour, and I didn’t even mention about it needing to be entertaining or make sense.

I am working on several projects. I have a few books to finish; some are mostly finished and just need to be wrapped up or cleaned up. I am also working on my magazine, a free online magazine in pdf format which deals with exploitation movies and erotica.

But that first part about getting a few books finished is the most pressing task. I hope to have at least two books on my Smashwords page within the next few weeks. After that I will concentrate on a third book and the magazine.



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